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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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  • THE PORTLAND HOUSE: A '70S MEMOIR by Jim Landwehr

    The Portland House takes you into the lives of a widow and her six children as they put down roots in an average Midwestern house in 1970. It welcomes you to the crowded dinner table, where hotdish is a weekly staple and table manners sometimes take a back seat to kids being kids. It shoves you into raucous teenage parties when Mom is on vacation. It chokes you with the smoke of a small kitchen fire. Later you wander the neighborhood and the city of Saint Paul, Minnesota, with latchkey kids until the street lights come on. The house is full of love, teenage energy, and an adopted stray who walks with a limp. From the warmth of family on Christmas Eve, to the sadness of a losing a beloved pet, the Portland House is home to it all. So, come on in and experience life growing up in the era of disco, lava lamps, and Tang orange drink.

    From flat cats to ball bats, foolish dares to seance scares, childhood games to stovetop flames, The Portland House is filled with all these and so very much more. Underneath the humor and behind the shenanigans of growing up with five siblings and his hard-working, under-praised mother, Jim Landwehr celebrates the love, compassion and camaraderie that made The Portland House a home. It’s a house of pure delight for all who enter and are welcomed to partake of its stories.

    - Michael Giorgio, author of Justice Comes Home and The Memory Swindlers

    Jim Landwehr has a way of telling a story that draws you in and helps you relive not only his memories but your own. The Portland House is filled with humor and heartache, and cleverly shows the maturing of a family in their first home. A must read. I look forward to the books yet to come from this talented author.

    - Darlene Winter author of I Remember Samson and The History of the Milwaukee County Zoo

    Landwehr’s Minnesota upbringing in a family of five siblings and a single mother helped form who he is today. A humorist who tells a potent story of the angst of childhood, daredevil antics, imagination to create play, isolation as survival, and the magic a house plays in family ties.

    - Lynne Carol Austin, author of Gull Soup and Ten of Swords

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    Pat Walker is only interested in writing romance novels. So naturally, she uncovers a cosmic romance while she is supposed to be learning about the Voyager launch in her Space Science Class.

    Twenty years later, she is a bestselling author and hingeing on being engaged to marry her editor, when something—or someone—draws her to the boarding house on the old iron-gated estate. The old place comes to life in its 1920s splendor as she writes the story of the star-crossed lovers she believes once lived there.

    Twenty years later, there appears to be a connection between the 1920s most eligible bachelor in town she wrote about and the astrophysicist she studied about in 1977. Perhaps, some things were never meant to be understood even when they’ve just saved your life.

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  • THE PREACHER'S LETTER by Billy Beasley

    Three disasters neatly spaced seven years apart.

    Troy Dawkins hears a pop in his right shoulder and his dream of pitching professionally evaporates in a split-second. In hushed voices, those closest to him refer to it as the first event in “The Trilogy of Tragedy.”

    He receives an unwelcome letter from an egotistical preacher that sets off a strange chain of events. With a newfound friend and possible love on the line, can he find a way to escape the haunting nightmares of death and rediscover hope, finding faith . . . one last time?

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  • THE WAYFARING MISSION by Frances Morlen

    The Wayfaring Mission is as current as the latest headlines. It explores the impact of what it means on a personal level to have a mission in an age of terrorism and international conflict. In spite of the dangers posed, there are still persons who feel compelled to go to these restricted areas to minister hope. Whether as aid workers, educators, diplomats, or missionaries, these people risk their lives for their calling. It is their mission. What happens then to those that they leave behind? How do they cope with the loss of their loved one? This story explores the search for meaning from one who was left behind. Ellen Wright thought she had found her safe-haven and rebuilt her life within the thick adobe walls of Wayfaring Mission. When wildfire, government agents, and foreign visitors invade her sanctuary and threaten to overwhelm her, she realizes the faith she had lost is now her only hope to stand.

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    After the death of their Northeastern Oklahoma minister father, Megan and Sasha find themselves as the human players in a manifested spiritual battle. Unbeknownst to them, it is a battle which has raged for centuries within their ancestral past, one dependent upon the continued intercession of the saints within the family. If they fail, Megan and Sasha will end up as human sacrifices on the altar of their spiritual enemy.

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    This book will give you practical encouragement for pursuing a more disciplined thought life which can lead to greater peace, joy, contentment, and overall better health and energy.

    Changing ingrained thought patterns takes time, but it is a worthwhile investment of time and energy. Readers should reap the benefits almost immediately through developing a more disciplined thought life, but greater benefits those who persevere in taking every thought captive into the obedience of Jesus Christ. Readers will find their thought processes being rewired as they learn to replace negative thoughts with faith-filled thoughts.


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  • CHOSEN by Peggy Neal

    Patty was just like any other girl.
    Until the sixth grade.

    Chosen tells the story of Patty as seen through the eyes of her sister. She tells of the happy times and adventures they had as children with their brother and parents growing up. Their life was all a family could wish for until Patty began exhibiting symptoms during her sixth-grade year in school. What followed was a journey of sorrow and tragedy that seemed impossible to bear were it not for their faith in the Lord and His promise they could and would endure. Patty's life is documented from her birth to her death from a sibling's recollections, recounting the profound effect the illness had on her as Patty's sister. She comes to realize that Patty had a real purpose in her life despite the horrible suffering she endured. Her life story portrays how we can have happiness and joy no matter the circumstances of our life here on this earth.

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  • EYES OF GOD by Timothy B. Barner


    What if He showed us a day in the life of a community, as seen through His eyes? Only God knows how one life touches and affects the next in the grand design. Wouldn't it be wonderful if He showed us how He sees the world?

    Stephen is arrested for drug possession and rape and faces a prison sentence. His elderly mother prays daily for his redemption, yet the middle-aged ne'er-do-well may never find peace. His mother's prayers will be answered, and she will be the indirect cause when she proudly rebuffs a young man who holds the door for her. The young man will fail an important job interview as a result. The chain of events that follows will lead a drug pusher on a harrowing chase for his freedom, a leading candidate to put the election at risk, and a silver-haired hero to save a flaming woman from an inferno.

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New Year, New You!

  • GOD'S MONEY MATTERS by Darren Laudenbach


    We all know how to lose weight—simply eat less and exercise more . . . right? It sounds like common sense, yet the weight loss industry makes billions of dollars every year on a plethora of products, tools, services, and so on. The same psychology that is required to help people lose weight applies to getting fit financially. It is a matter of spending much less than you earn and investing the rest—so why aren't we all in good shape financially?

    In this book, you will be empowered with the knowledge to accomplish seven of the most crucial goals from a financial standpoint and God's perspective:

    • Proven ‘mind over money’ techniques that work every time
    • The keys to bringing financial peace and freedom into your home (regardless of what you currently earn)
    • How to say “so what, who cares?” to share market crashes
    • What it takes to retire without market or money worries
    • The real truth about tithes and offerings, and who they are for
    • The “money jar” secrets that ensure a successful outcome
    • How to change your financial family tree for generations to come (intergenerational change)
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  • Victims No More! by NYT Bestselling Author Ron Brackin


    Unforgiveness can cause serious side effects including depression, increased anxiety, paranoia, psychosomatic complications, heart disease, reduced productivity, divorce, war, and crimes against humanity. Do not drive, operate heavy machinery, or do other dangerous activities while refusing to forgive.

    “The practice of forgiveness is our most important contribution to the healing of the world.”

    Marianne Williamson
    Everyday Grace


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  • Take the Limits Off Your Legacy: A Woman's Guide to Unlock Purpose and Vision

    Take the Limits Off Your Legacy: A Woman’s Guide to Unlock Purpose and Vision was created to evoke confidence in women and girls to embrace the power in their story and live a limitless legacy. It’s a journey of becoming who you have been called to be, to honor what you have been called to do, so that you can fearlessly unlock the limitless opportunities of your life’s purpose and vision. Maria provides several keys to remove the limits off not only your mind but also the vision you have for your life. She also challenges you to remove the limits you have placed on the power of God which will ultimately take the limits off of your legacy.

    Her narrative and framework provokes readers to strive for a lasting impact on the lives of others by boldly deciding to birth their dreams. Incorporating a sincere account of transformation, Maria uses her story of conquering several personal challenges as the foundation to provide a guide to inspire women and girls all over the world to confidently live out their dreams and embrace a limitless future. Maria shares effective tools to empower you to honor your story, conquer fears and self-doubt, discover your purpose, give birth to your vision, and live a limitless legacy to create an optimal life with confidence, poise, and intention!

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  • THE BEGINNING OF WISDOM by Dennis R. Ayers

    Do modern Christians really know
    WHAT they believe and
    WHY they believe it?

    The mists of time and erroneous teaching have obscured the fact that we once knew the answers to the problems that now threaten to unravel our lives and our civilization. These traditional solutions are grounded upon a foundation of Judeo-Christian faith, values, ethics, and morality without which nothing else in Western civilization works as designed. The Beginning of Wisdom leads the reader to understand that Christianity is much more than a religion for Sundays and moments of crisis.

    Grounded in historical and biblical precedent, this book provides answers to many questions causing deep confusion in both the Christian faith and society in general. Written from a Christian worldview by an executive/attorney seasoned in the challenges of achieving success in a rapidly evolving culture, The Beginning of Wisdom is, in fact, a book about virtually everything that truly matters.

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eLectio Blog

  • eLectio Publishing is HIRING! +

    As the year has steadily progressed, we are proud to say that we are growing again. As you may already know, eLectio Publishing is a faith-based publisher that supports independent

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  • And the Winner Is . . . +

    Facebook Pic

    For those of you who have been with us for quite some time, and are part of our extended family, we want to always remain thankful for your support of

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  • Win a Kindle Fire HD 6 +

    It's that time of year again. And we're not just talking about the warmer weather.

    It's time for another eLectio Publishing giveaway, as our way of saying thank you to

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  • On the Value of Entertainment +

    Regardless of our individual backgrounds and regardless of what we believe politically and spiritually, most of us across the globe share at least some commonalities. We're often reminded of how

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  • On Faith, Family, and Laughter +

    It's Christmas Time and from all of us to all of you, Merry Christmas!

    For those of you who stop by from time to time, we hope you've been able

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What Authors Are Saying

  • Parker J. Cole

    "Working with eLectio has been a pleasure. They are professional, trustworthy, and fully vested in your product. eLectio stands behind you and your work. As an author, I could not have asked for a better publisher. Thank you for everything you've done for me and I look forward to a long and lasting partnership."

    -- Parker J. Cole, author of Many Strange Women

  • Lewis Ben Smith

    "I cannot say enough good things about eLectio. They were willing to take a chance on an unknown, first-time author and have been a delight to work with every step of the way! Here's to a long, blessed, and mutually profitable relationship!"

    -- Lewis Ben Smith, author of The Testimonium

  • Joanna Kurowska

    "You wouldn't believe how eLectio Publishing has grown since its inception two years ago. I have a warm spot in my heart for the company, because I believe I was one of their first authors, and it was such a wonderful experience."

    -- Joanna Kurowska, poet and author of The Wall & Beyond

  • Debbie Richard

    "I feel blessed to have found eLectio Publishing and I recommend them to other writers. eLectio did a wonderful job publishing my memoir in May. The final product was very professionally done and one that I was proud to share. They are very approachable and stand behind their authors, often with encouraging words. Thank you for helping make my dream come true!"

    -- Debbie Richard, author of Hills of Home

  • George Dalton

    "[eLectio Publishing has] done every single thing they promised me they would do and they did it when the said they would do it.... I pray that they will become a giant in the industry."

    -- George Dalton, author of A Collision of Dreams

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