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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

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    Revelation - Chapter and Verse invites the reader to take a front seat view of what the Apostle John wrote from his own vantage point of events that is certain to happen one day. We are warned through Scripture that that day is imminent. It is the author's prayer that the readers of this book will use the information in the pages of each chapter to take positive action in turning to God as their source of salvation by accepting His Son, Jesus Christ as their Savior. Only by God's Grace in providing such salvation will a person escape the calamity that is coming upon all mankind. If you are alive when the events in Revelation occur, there is only one source of escape.

    The indelible truth of Revelation is that it is God's final word to man. It is the culmination of Divine Revelation. The truths we learn in Revelation encompass the entire story of the history of redemption and peers through into the future for those who will enjoy fellowship with God forever. It's a movie that is like no other. The culmination of Revelation is infinity. For the unbeliever the infiniteness, boundlessness, limitlessness and timelessness is a horror story – to the believer it is a love story that has no end.

    This book is meant to appeal to anyone who may have been reluctant until now to peer into the pages of Revelation due to some ungrounded fear of either not understanding it or being too afraid to read its content. For all who read Revelation, Jesus Himself says you will be blessed by reading it and blessed if you take heed of the words prophetically provided in it for you. Revelation fulfills the plans of the entire purpose of man's past and future and reveals that plan through mankind's Savior. It IS the Revelation of Jesus Christ for our benefit through Him. More than that, it places Christ as central to all that is and will be throughout eternity.

    It is our prayer that this book will assist you as you study Revelation.

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    He takes off my clothes and leads me to the only bedroom in our small trailer.

    He makes me lay on the bed while he undresses, all the while staring at my young nude body. I begin my mental escape. I'm in a vast field of tall grass where the air is fresh and clean and doesn't smell like beer and cigarettes. The sky is a deep blue. I breathe deeply and begin to run. So free!

    But I can never make it last.

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  • GRACE GROUP by Carrie Maldonado

    Holly Matthews has a big secret, and it isn't that she's going to die in six months (although she is).

    Holly’s secret is that the facilitators of her grief group are actually angelic emissaries who have given her an eyewitness-preview of the afterlife. Holly, an atheist, is shocked and more than a little concerned about the trajectory her lack of faith has put her on. She is returned to Earth to live out her last six months embodying love and goodness and to serve as a beacon of the redemptive power of God’s love to the people in her life—at least, that’s the plan. But some things are easier said than done and Holly's going to need all the grace she can get!

    If Holly's going to make her life one worth living and dying for, she's going to have to do the unthinkable—admit that this time she can’t do it on her own, and ask for help from the only one who can.

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  • KEEP THE BOOK OPEN by Thomas E. Kadel


    There is no deeper spiritual cry than this. But, when a disaster survivor looks heavenward and cries “Why?” they may actually be asking many questions in that simple three letter word. They may be wondering about God’s love or about their own worthiness. “Why?” is the knee-jerk reaction to the resulting chaos when the unimaginable and unexpected invades our lives.

    In Keep the Book Open, Thomas Kadel offers a unique way to hear the stories of disaster survivors called Narrative Listening. It focuses our attention on listening to the life of the survivor rather than simply the events of the disaster. Kadel urges spiritual caregivers to become the enfleshed presence of God through this special kind of listening and by being fully present with those they serve. It describes a kind of caring that seeks to assist survivors make sense out of no-sense, meaning out of no-meaning, and life purpose out of unfocused chaos. He points out that the goal of this kind of care is integration and not exorcism of the survivor’s trauma. Throughout, he reminds responders that their care needs to focus on keeping the survivor’s “book of life” open to the hope that spawns resiliency and aims at a life that is full and rich.

    The final chapter invites readers into an interactive discussion of the cultural effects of secondary trauma in America at www.sacredturf.org and asks if Disaster Spiritual Care needs to be re-thought to attend to those affected by the many acts of terrorism and natural disaster we have vicariously experienced through the media.

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    Joan Dior is an edgy teen artist who finds a corpse in a Florida lagoon, vows to find the killer, and becomes the target of a billionaire and his death cult who believe they have regrown the “Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.”

    Joan and her best friend, Mia, along with their two guy friends, Dontey and Rico, get drawn into the middle of the Everglades and must battle not only the cult but also giant pythons, alligators, and a Komodo dragon . . . during a killer storm . . . while methane gas bursts into hellish flames all around them. Good times. Everyone will probably die. Unless . . .

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  • THE EVANGELIST IN HELL by Jimmy Leonard


    Joe Platt has always walked the straight and narrow while his brother, David, has bounced around from prison to rehab. After their sudden and untimely deaths, Joe finds himself in Heaven only to learn that David has gone the other direction. Feeling responsible and desperate to reconcile their estranged relationship, Joe receives the Lord’s special permission to give David one last chance at eternal life. To do so, Joe must descend into the land of fire and brimstone, taking St. Peter as his companion and spiritual guide. Encountering a host of characters along the way, including a corrupt preacher and a band of thieves, Joe must make unlikely allies and overcome treacherous demons in order to save his brother before all hope is lost.

    Balancing fast-paced action and challenging quandaries, The Evangelist in Hell is an unforgettable journey fraught with danger and powered by faith, fearlessly grappling with the true consequence of freedom and the high cost of love.

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Selections for Dad

  • Dirty Shirt: A Boundary Waters Memoir


    Jim Landwehr and his brothers pursue their love of the outdoors by tackling some of the country's most remote terrain, the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. While encountering crazed loons, widow-making portages, and temperamental automobiles, they also discover more about each other and their long deceased father. In recent years, with a desire to instill their love of the area into their own children, they include them in their voyages, and the legacy continues. Their exploits are woven throughout with humor, emotion, and warmth.

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  • Diamond Duty by Dan Verner

    In the spring of 1861, nineteen-year-old Caleb Dillard leaves his bride of a few months to fight for the Confederacy with the Eighth Virginia Infantry Regiment, but his part of the war only lasts ten minutes as he and some of his comrades are captured near Fairfax Courthouse and put in the Old Capitol Prison. There he not only experiences hardship and camaraderie with his fellow soldiers, but also learns to play baseball, a game the Union soldiers brought with them during the war. Caleb’s team plays the guards, other military teams,and even some local professional teams, including the Washington Nationals.

    Caleb’s team rapidly improves, but then he becomes involved in a plot fostered by a wealthy war widow from Georgetown. Her schemes put him—and his family—in danger, and Caleb must make difficult choices while managing to survive. Diamond Duty will appeal to baseball fans and Civil War buffs alike, and readers will find the same warmth of characterization and steady pulse of events in this book that they found in Dan Verner’s Beyond the Blue Horizon series.

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  • The Sure Mercies by Salvatore Esposito

    The hardest person to forgive is yourself.

    Benjamin Orry, a wounded Iraq War veteran, sets out to visit the hometown of fallen comrade Uriah Landon. His goal is to return Uriah’s personal effects to his family which includes Uriah’s last letter home. Uriah’s Christian faith had been tested to extremes in Iraq, and at home. Ben is uncertain of the composition of the letter but is certain Uriah expressed heartbroken feelings in another item he carries: Uriah’s personal leather-bound journal.

    The brutal truths in Uriah’s final entries may damage the faith of many in the close-knit town. For the sake of peace, Ben considers not revealing the journal to anyone, but having witnessed Uriah’s violent death, he feels he owes it to his memory to let his final entries be read. As he limps painfully through Uriah’s neighborhood he wonders what he’ll do, what justice might be, and what several of Uriah’s loved ones must do to have self-forgiveness. However, a series of encounters and circumstances keeps hindering the well-disciplined soldier.

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  • Running Free

    Jim McHenry, a widower, struggles to maintain his Nevada cattle ranch while he raises his two teenage kids. But the proliferation of federally protected wild mustangs roaming his pastureland threatens Jim’s livelihood and future.

    Meanwhile, Laura Carter, a struggling Country Western singer, is fired from her Reno job for refusing to play footsie with local club owner, Billy Wilson, an old classmate of Jim’s.

    When Jim’s housekeeper suddenly quits, Laura, now desperate, applies for the job and gets it. It’s a risky move since she knows nothing about housekeeping and even less about cooking, but soon the sparks fly between her and Jim. Then, enter Sybil Trent: Jim’s one-time love interest, just divorced and back in town on the prowl for a new husband.

    Billy wants Jim’s land. Sybil wants Jim back. Laura wants her career back. Jim’s son wants to be a rodeo performer (against his father’s wishes), and Jim’s daughter will do anything to get Sybil out of the picture and Laura into Jim’s arms once and for all.

    Will Jim finally understand that in order to truly have the things he wants, he must be willing to set them free?

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  • As the Leaves Kiss the Stream

    as the LEAVES kiss the STREAM

    ... a story about a father and his seventeen-year-old daughter. He is a missionary; she is a problem.

    Together they go camping and fly fishing in the Ozarks. Together they clash and argue.

    Then one cold, October morning as they fly fished beside the pure water of the stream, together they learned something about grace.

    For the tears of a father ... are as the tears of God ...
    that fall silently and caress the one beloved,
    much as the autumn leaves
    that gently fall and kiss the stream.

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eLectio Blog

  • eLectio Publishing is HIRING! +

    As the year has steadily progressed, we are proud to say that we are growing again. As you may already know, eLectio Publishing is a faith-based publisher that supports independent

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    For those of you who have been with us for quite some time, and are part of our extended family, we want to always remain thankful for your support of

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    It's time for another eLectio Publishing giveaway, as our way of saying thank you to

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    Regardless of our individual backgrounds and regardless of what we believe politically and spiritually, most of us across the globe share at least some commonalities. We're often reminded of how

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    It's Christmas Time and from all of us to all of you, Merry Christmas!

    For those of you who stop by from time to time, we hope you've been able

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What Authors Are Saying

  • Parker J. Cole

    "Working with eLectio has been a pleasure. They are professional, trustworthy, and fully vested in your product. eLectio stands behind you and your work. As an author, I could not have asked for a better publisher. Thank you for everything you've done for me and I look forward to a long and lasting partnership."

    -- Parker J. Cole, author of Many Strange Women

  • Lewis Ben Smith

    "I cannot say enough good things about eLectio. They were willing to take a chance on an unknown, first-time author and have been a delight to work with every step of the way! Here's to a long, blessed, and mutually profitable relationship!"

    -- Lewis Ben Smith, author of The Testimonium

  • Joanna Kurowska

    "You wouldn't believe how eLectio Publishing has grown since its inception two years ago. I have a warm spot in my heart for the company, because I believe I was one of their first authors, and it was such a wonderful experience."

    -- Joanna Kurowska, poet and author of The Wall & Beyond

  • Debbie Richard

    "I feel blessed to have found eLectio Publishing and I recommend them to other writers. eLectio did a wonderful job publishing my memoir in May. The final product was very professionally done and one that I was proud to share. They are very approachable and stand behind their authors, often with encouraging words. Thank you for helping make my dream come true!"

    -- Debbie Richard, author of Hills of Home

  • George Dalton

    "[eLectio Publishing has] done every single thing they promised me they would do and they did it when the said they would do it.... I pray that they will become a giant in the industry."

    -- George Dalton, author of A Collision of Dreams

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