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Monday, December 10, 2018

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eLectio Publishing Monthly Newsletter
September 2018 Edition
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It's hard to believe that just this time last month we were talking about "Back To School," especially when it still seems like it should still be the middle of summer! 

But the reality is that our children and grandchildren are well settled into their fall routines and the holidays will be calling here in very short order... and September is almost over.

This time of year seems to evoke strong emotions with our friends and family... Most anywhere we go, I've heard people tell me how excited they are that fall has finally arrived.

"What about the really hot weather? It's almost completely gone; won't you miss it?" I asked one lady at church.

"No sir, I won't!" she told me rather emphatically. "All of the bugs and the heat and the sweat; I am over summer and am done with it. Bring on the fall!"

And she isn't the only person who has told me they feel that way. From my wife to our friends, to people at work and people at the store, there seems to be no shortage (especially this year) of people who have said they are glad the summer is over and gone.

Even our son, who loves the relative "freedom" that goes along with each summer, told me that he is glad Fall has arrived so that we can enjoy time around the fire pit out back and enjoy time dressing up and handing out candy at the end of next month.

From a reading and books perspective, we were discussing at eLectio how this time of year makes us yearn for an amazing book, a fire pit or fireplace, and a warm cup of coffee or hot chocolate. There is nothing wrong with reading outdoors by the lake or river during the summer, but there is something so heart-warming and moving about reading with loved ones during the cooler weather that it's hard to put into words. In fact, it's this time of year that, even as a middle-aged man, makes me think of the holidays at my grandparents home, where we would all gather in the living room or dining room (on any number of special occasions) and listen as my grandmother would read a poem she had written for her grandchildren about a gift that had been made for them, or my grandfather would read from the Bible on Christmas Day.

And it's for some unknown but magical reason that this time of year, at least in our home, reminds us that time together as a family is important. Just the other night, our son and I made sugar cookies, just because it seemed like the thing to do together now that the seasons are changing. And those cookies didn't last long! 

Speaking of family time together and the seasons changing, this fall is the perfect time to be thinking of your favorite author and giving some of her/his books as Christmas gifts this year. Don't have a "favorite" author? I can assure you with confidence that you can find one in our always-expanding catalog and that no matter what type of book(s) it is that you like to read, you're sure to find one of authors who grabs your attention and won't let go! 

As I often mention from month-to-month, it's your support of independent authors that helps keep them going and helps keep them doing what they do best, which is sharing their amazing stories with the rest of the world.

With autumn beginning in earnest, please join us at eLectio Publishing as we remember that God gave us family and friends for a reason, and one of those reasons includes spending time with those we love. It's our hope that some amazing books will be part of that time together this fall. So join us and our families as we celebrate all things that are "together-ness" this fall and as we read some great new books around the fireplace, the living room, the fire pit, and any other cozy gathering place that happens to be beckoning!

From our families to yours, here's to health, happiness, and time together as the fall begins....

Autumn Blessings,



For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.
 -  Luke 12:34

If you enjoy this newsletter each month, feel free to pass it along.
-  eLectio Staff
We're praying for you and your families this fall.
-  eLectio Staff & Families

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